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#OrangeLeaf #OunceBack


Orange isn’t like the other colors.
Orange is an original.
Orange is bold, unusual, conspicuously different.
Orange doesn’t want to blend in.
Orange says, let’s mix things up.
You know that thing that’s never been tried? Let’s do that.
When Orange laughs, it laughs out loud.
Orange is bright and happy and a little weird.
And it loves the things that make you weird, too.
Orange knows those quirks are what give us character.
And that tiny voice in our heads – is a poet.

Everybody has a little Orange in them.
And our purpose at Orange Leaf is to inspire people to let their Orange out.
Let’s feed it. Encourage and indulge it. Celebrate and share.
Because the people who are true originals are the ones who have the courage to change the world, in big ways and small.

And so our message is simple - You Be You.
Be gloriously unique.
Be Remarkable.
Be Orange.

Passion Statement

Orange Leaf is passionate about inspiring people to celebrate their originality because originals change the world.

Action Statement

As the only national snack shop, Orange Leaf encourages people to be one-of-a-kind originals by creatively mixing and mashing up bites, flavors, music and art to create an experience that's as unique as they are.